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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 10 Fall Trends you will Love to Wear

10 Fall Trends you’ll Love to Wear

The following styles have dominated this season and women will definitely be trying to hang on to them long after their season is over. Solid bottoms have gone with the last season. It is time to try out more fashionable things.



A leather jacket will make you look like a very tough girl who dances to rock n roll music every time she hears it playing. For that classic look, you should wear leather pencil skirts of different colors and shades. This one is for ladies. Add some belted sweaters and you are set to look classy and tougher than ever. Contrasting the textures is something that will improve you sense of belonging and will make everyone look at you with interest.


Jewel Tones

Look out for the best jewels and spot them! Let gold bath the runways and let the hues look great on you as they do on most women. The right intensity is one that complements well with the other colors you are wearing, not to mention your color complexion. Jewel tones look great when mixed. Teal is a great color and will make you look great this season. But there is nothing wrong with complementing it with gold.


Black And White Attire

This is the traditional favorite for a weather that is warm and likely to turn into overcast showers. You can easily be back in the spotlight once again this season for being on top of the latest fashion trends. These two colors are so foolproof when worn together that they will make you feel as if you are really making a great impression. Black is used to hide the areas of the body which you don’t want to reveal. A heavy girl is better of running after black pants and a white top.


The Print Bottoms

This season comes with new trends and you can’t wait to see the newest print bottoms which are the latest craze. The prints are now being put into leggings. The trend has even gone on to include skirts and pants. This is no doubt the hottest look you can ever spot in a runaway fall like this one. They are best worn with a long sweater or sometimes a tunic. Print skirts can best be matched with print tops which give the whole outfit a dress look. It can even be mixed with solid-looking top for a cool look.


Pink Outerwear

Pink is the latest addition in the list of colors that fashion designers are going for. It brings back to you that sense of freshness that you want to have at certain times of the week. It is best worn as an overcoat or a sexy-looking dress. Choose the right tone of pink that goes with your skin tone.


Knee-Length Skirts

The mini is no longer the craze. Knee-length is cool. It is easier wear and to spot around. An inch above the knee will be perfectly good for you. Dresses can come in a very wide variety in terms of fullness. It is up to you to choose the style that best suits you.


Work Dresses

This time round, the one-piece dress is the in-thing for the office setting. It is interesting to see the mix of drapes, fabric designs and eye-catching colors that designers choose in order to come up with this wholesome fashion markers. Find a good belt and belt yourself up!


The Stylish Vest

Vests come in different varieties that are differentiated by the material used to make them. This could be fur or wool. These two make up the latest trends. You can choose to wear a monochromatic vest if you want to take your sense of fashion to the highest extreme. Sometimes they come with zips.


Wear Metallic

Metallic colors enable you to stand on top of a crowd without having to spot any bling. Metallic gowns even do a greater wonder. They look plain sexy. You don’t need all those expensive accessories that must be used to complete the look when you wear other colors. Silver stands out most while gold makes everyone keep enquiring about you.


Faded Jeans

These are for the casual look. They may fade but the sense of fashion in them never fades. They are best worn with a tight-fitting top of a matching color.

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