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Friday, July 8, 2011

Borrowing from the Boyf

Borrowing from the Boyf

In the past few seasons, I'm sure everyone has noticed that there's been a very noticeable and deliberate 'boyfriend' branding in womenswear.  Apparently, we all need the perfect 'boyfriend blazer, the 'boyfriend trousers', 'the boyfriend sweater' or the 'boyfriend oversized shirt'.  Be it a genuine taste for masculine looks or just wanting to feel relaxed in looser clothes, a bit of the 'boyf's' looser cutting is what a lot of women try to acquire or achieve.  Penny pincher that I am though, if I'm busy buying clothes for femmes i.e. my ruffles, my florals and my frou frou, why not just nick some of the REAL boyf's clothes to get that loose fit.  As the pile of 'boyf staying over at my pad' clothes grows and grows, more often than not I get tempted to just nick his clothes, especially since he's more of a selective/picky clothes buyer and ends up getting some really nice things.  Furthermore even if the boyf is bigger than me, he prefers things quite fitted so the bagginess level is just about right for me.
Note, these are just the things I found lying around in my apartment.  Haven't even  been let loose with his wardrobe back at his place... I'm thinking he's either going to be bemused or annoyed...

Unconditional t-shirt, Sisley grey pinstripe trousers, COS black studded belt, People's Market tuxedo jacket
Omar Kashoura black deconstructed cardigan, COS black jeans, COS grey cardigan worn as skirt
J Lindeberg black trenchcoat, COS black and white checked shirt worn as skirt // Vintage checked hoodie, APC jeans, COS black studded belt 

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