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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Style of Bracedlets

Bracedlets: The New Silly Bandz?

Brace yourself. Silly Bandz are out, Bracedlets are in. What are these contraptions, you ask? Pull up an orthodontic chair and we’ll let you in on a secret…

Photo: Courtesy of Bracedlets
They’re made completely from real orthodontic materials!
Bracedlets is the brain child of Drs. Marc Lemchen and Jennifer Salzar, both top New York City orthodontists. Dr. Lemchen is well-known in several NYC hospitals as he has been practicing orthodontics for 25 years, and he also holds several scientific patents. Dr. Salzar has won several awards in the dental profession and happens to be a national spokeswoman for Crest.
These two teamed up to create Bracedlets and enlisted the help of Dr. Salzar’s sister, Lisa Salzar. Salzar is the founder of Lulu Frost, a collection of timeless jewelry sold in stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s, and Fred Segal. Basically she’s awesome and all the gems she designs are often worn by celebs. (She has even been featured on Elle!)

Photo: Courtesy of Lulu Frost
She creates beauties like these! #6 ring, Lulu Frost, $440.

Photo: Courtesy of Lulu Frost
Tassle necklace, Lulu Frost, $335.
So it’s pretty big to say you’ve got Lisa Salzar on your side for these fun creations! And they come in all sorts of colors, letting you choose whatever your heart desires.

Photo: Courtesy of Bracedlets
Slip on this black and red band! Black & Red, Bracedlets, $5.

Photo: Courtesy of Bracedlets
Or opt for a brighter choice. Yellow & Turquoise, Bracedlets, $5.
What’s your decision about these new bracelets? Will you rush to buy them

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